2022 / Presentation with Animation

Project Overview

Scott, the CEO + Founder of Sublayer, reached out to Rylee + Crisscross Creative online. He was referred by a friend and needed immediate help with design for his Demo Day presentation.  These are unique because as a live presentation most of the information will be spoken, not read. Crisscross was given the task of interpreting Scott’s script and the general layout of the deck to create an animated masterpiece that would impress the viewers, but not distract them.

Since Sublayer is a new company, Crisscross only had a logo to begin with, the rest of the brand was created using Scott’s inspiration relating to a futuristic/80’s neon theme. Overall, the deck turned out great and Sublayer now has a brand to move forward with in its fundraising efforts. The animation added an additional flare to the presentation to bring it home with the “wow” factor. Check it out in the video below!