2022 / Investor Pitch Deck

“Rylee and Crisscross Creative are a joy to work with. Very intutive and great listeners, they will take your project or ideas and bring them to life in a matter of days that might take other groups weeks to accomplish! I think all founders and start ups should be coming to her for their first professional deck.”

Gabriel Gillespie | CEO

Project Overview

Gabriel, the CEO & Founder of OmneShip, was searching for a design team to help him level up his investor presentation. He had received feedback from investors on his current deck that he relayed to Rylee, and of course the Crisscross Creative team was able to help.

Gabriel had upcoming investor meetings approaching quickly that he wanted to present a freshly designed deck at, so Crisscross started the creative process right away. Working through a few iterations together, they came up with a design that reflected the OmneShip brand, but also elevated the slide content without distracting the audience.

Overall, he was very happy with the outcome of the presentation design and has already started using it to fundraise. The Crisscross team hopes OmneShip continues to have a successful fundraise using the presentation, and can’t wait to work with them again in the future!